At Mid-Am Metal Forming our commitment to your design doesn’t end at the curved metal product. Our experienced fabrication team can trim, notch, drill, weld and even assemble any job. We can also go as far as to build a full-size mockup of your project, to provide you with pre-construct match mark, tear back down and ship complete and ready for installation to reduce your time and effort in the field. Further proof as to how we’ve built an incomparable reputation for quality.

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Skylight curving
Stretch Forming
Metal Bending

Fabrication Projects

Sales Force Tower

San Francisco, CA

Standing at 1,070 feet, Salesforce tower is the tallest building on the West Coast and the 11th tallest building in the United States. Vastly varying radii and complex curves combined with state of the art fabrication… + continue reading

Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Featured Projects

Milwaukee Art Museum
Salesforce Tower