Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Skylight Curving / Stretch Form

This custom curtain wall project required use of an 8″ x 7″ system curved in a unique contour and formed “hard way” for a bent glass application. All parts were formed to desencing elliptical compound contours.

San Francisco, California

Stretch Forming / Fabrication / Painting

Standing at 1,070 feet, Salesforce tower is the tallest building on the West Coast and the 11th tallest building in the United States. Vastly varying radii and complex curves combined with state of the art fabrication… + continue reading

Queens, New York


Curtain wall system for windows and heavy aluminum tubes for arch topped entrances.

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

Skylight Curving / Stretch Forming / Fabrication

Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Naples, Florida


Complete fabricated Kynar painted elliptical roof panels shipped ready for install.

Guggenhein Museum

Manhattan, New York

Curved Railing 

Continuous 7 story descending serpentine spiral, over 1,400 feet long, curved, fully fabricated and shipped ready for install for The Third Mind artist exhibit.

About Us

Curved metal by Mid-Am Metal Forming, Inc. allows you to take your design and production ideas to the limits of your imagination. Arched windows, radius handrails, barrel vault skylights, aircraft wings and fuselages – the possibilities are endless. Mid-Am Metal Forming will assist you from conceptual design through prototype fabrication to delivery of final product. We’ve developed an incomparable reputation for quality by providing all the expertise and assistance required to handle even the toughest curving challenges. If Mid-Am Metal Forming can’t do it, chances are, it can’t be done